Engels House

Friedrich Engels: Life, Work and Family

Here the spirit of a great historical personality breathes: Friedrich Engels (1820-1895). The son of a factory owner from Barmen was a real all-rounder: philosopher, social critic, historian, journalist, communist revolutionary, military expert, cosmopolitan, besides a linguistic genius, sporty, communicative and hard-drinking, but always a gentleman and basically a workaholic,
for Karl Marx „a true universal encyclopaedia“.

Already in the 19th century he recognized the pitfalls of capitalism. Friedrich Engels completed his commercial training in his father´s cotton mill in Manchester. The miserable situation of the workers in England particularly touched him. He took it as an opportunity to also theoretically deal with the textile industry, which operated with a high capital investment and the latest technology and was initially the leading sector of the “Industrial Revolution”.
His work "Umrisse zu einer Kritik der Nationalökonomie (Outlines of a Critique of National Economy)" (1844) had a lasting influence on Karl Marx, who had studied philosophy and law. Through Engels, Marx found his way to economics. The symbiotic friendship between these two lateral thinkers led to an extraordinarily productive working group with over one hundred writings. The best-known and most influential work was "Das Kapital (Capital)" by Karl Marx (volume 1 of three volumes waspublished in 1867). Engel´s important socially critical opus "Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England (The Condition of the Working Class in England)" was published in 1845.

 “Proletarians of all countries unite!” This famous sentence ends the “Manifesto of the Communist Party” published by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in 1848. Karl Marx, the theorist of scientific socialism, and Friedrich Engels, the practitioner of economics. Both are among the important personalities of the 19th century, who have had a lasting influence on the contemporary history of the 20th century.

In the historic Engels House there is an exhibition with original documents on the life and work of Friedrich Engels and his family.

The reopening of the Engels-Haus is postponed to 2021!

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