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The Museum Industriekultur Wuppertal with the Engels-House, the Museum for Early Industrialization, Lime Kiln, Ribbon Weaving Museum and the Manuelskotten is an important and indispensable part of Wuppertal's cultural and educational landscape. It preserves, cultivates and presents the heritage of the industrial revolution, which still shapes the identity of the city and its citizens today. In 1995, a friends` association was founded to support the work of the Museum Industriekultur Wuppertal through numerous projects, in particular:

  • Promotion of scientific contributions to conferences and research on Friedrich Engels
  • Didactically prepared film modules on the life and work of Friedrich Engels
  • Research of the history of industrialisation and its significance for the current and future development of the city of Wuppertal
  • Acquisition of original historical exhibits such as in 2011 a balancing steam engine to complete the permanent exhibition in the Museum for Early Industrialization
  • Events, exhibitions and publications
  • Support for special exhibitions, improvement of exhibition technology
  • Cooperation with the city's cultural and educational institutions and in particular the Bergische Universität Wuppertal
  • Accompaniment of volunteers in museum service.

Regular association activities are the monthly lecture evenings on topics related to the museum. Support the Museum Industriekultur Wuppertal and become a member.

Here you find the application form for your membership.


Executive committee

Chair: Reinhard Grätz
Vice chair: Andreas Bialas, MdL
Secretary: Wilhelm Hölzer
Treasurer: Dr. Hans Dieter Miß
Managing director: Dr. Lars Bluma
Assessors: Prof. Dr. Hans Frambach, Helge Lindh MdB, Stv. Klaus Jürgen Reese, Cornelia Tausch


Förderverein Historisches Zentrum e.V.
c/o Zentrum für Stadtgeschichte und Industriekultur
Hofaue 51
42103 Wuppertal