Historic Bus Tours

By vintage bus through Wuppertal

In April, the popular Historic City Tours of the Wuppertal Regional Transport History Foundation start again. Experience the most interesting and beautiful corners of Wuppertal in a special way in our vintage buses. The two bus tours on offer are accompanied by knowledgeable city guides who will relate interesting and entertaining facts about the city and its industrial history along the way. The Wuppertal Extra Tour includes a short visit to the Ribbon Weavers' Museum and the Kalktrichterofen industrial monument. The Müngsten Bridge Tour, offered for the first time this year, heads for Germany's highest railway bridge.

Wuppertal Extra Tour

This bus tour is very special as it is combined with a stop at the ribbon weaver museum and the lime funnel kiln. We start from the Engelsgarten, steeped in history, and drive to the Ölberg, a traditional quarter of historic textile work. For a long time, the glow of the paraffin lamps that the home workers lit there so that they could also work in the evening and at night was visible from afar. This gave part of the Nordstadt the name Ölberg. We continue to the first stop on the tour: the Ribbon Weavers' Museum in the Goldzack Building, which we visit with our tour guide. Afterwards we head for the lime funnel kiln on the Eskesberg. This impressive industrial monument from the 19th century with its interesting history is a little-known sight in Wuppertal. It impressively documents Wuppertal's historical role in supplying lime to the steel industry. The tour continues to the Briller Viertel. The Briller Viertel is one of the largest contiguous Gründerzeit villa districts in Germany. Wuppertal textile magnates built their representative houses there from the end of the 19th century. Wuppertal textile magnates built their prestigious houses in spacious parks there from the end of the 19th century. We then return along the B7 to the Engelsquartier in Barmen.

Dates 2024 in preparation


Müngsten Bridge Tour

Experience outstanding railway and industrial history in a vintage bus! This extraordinary bus tour takes you from the Engels House to Germany's highest railway bridge.

From the Engels House, the tour first leads in the direction of Lichtscheid. It passes the Barmer Anlagen and the famous Toelle Tower. At Lichtscheid, the tour passes the highest point in Wuppertal, 350 metres above sea level. From Küllenhahn we follow the Hahnerberger Straße, past numerous automotive supply companies and tool manufacturers. In Cronenfeld our route crosses the Samba line. The railway line, opened in 1891, served Cronenberg's flourishing tool industry with raw materials and coal. Today the route is a popular cycle and footpath. Through the historic centre of the Cronenberg district, the tour follows Wahlert Street down to Kohlfurth, home of the historic Manuelskotten and the Bergische Museumsbahnen.

The route continues to the destination of the tour: the Müngsten Bridge. Inaugurated in 1897, the 107-metre high bridge is the highest railway bridge in Germany and, together with four other large arch bridges, is to be recognised as a World Heritage Site. After a short stop to discover the bridge and its surroundings, the participants return to Wuppertal via the motorway. We leave the motorway at the Sonnborner Kreuz, which was opened in 1974 as the largest inner-city motorway junction in Europe. At the stadium at the zoo we pass under the railway line Düsseldorf - Wuppertal, the most important railway connection from the Bergisches Land to the Rhineland. Via Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, with its diverse old buildings, we return to the Engelsquartier in Barmen via Wall, Haspel and the B7.

Dates 2024 in preparation

Visitor informationen

  • Dates 2024 in preparation
  • Meeting Point 
    Am Engelsgarten, Engelspavillon - Bushaltestelle Adlerbrücke (Ecke Engelsstr. / Friedrich-Engels-Allee) 
  • Departure Time
    always 11:00 pm 
  • Duration
    Wuppertal Extra Tour: app. 2 hours
    Müngsten Bridge Tour: app. 3 hours
  • Costs/booking
    Online: https://www.wuppertal-live.de/User/888
    Vorverkaufsstellen von Wuppertal Live: https://www.wuppertal-live.de/vorverkaufsstellen
    Wuppertal Extra Tour: 20 € / 10 € reduced 
    Müngsten Bridge Tour: 30 € / 15 € reduced
    Minors aged 6-14, schoolchildren, trainees and students up to 27 years of age are entitled to a discount. 
  • Contact
    Visitor service: Tel.: +49 (0)202 563 4375, E-Mail: mi-wuppertal@stadt.wuppertal.de
  • Please note
    Short distances will be covered on foot to visit the Ribbon Weavers' Museum, the lime funnel kiln and the Müngsten Bridge. Please remember to bring rain protection in case of bad weather. The events are not barrier-free.